Values and qualities


The rigor in the preparation and the follow-up of cases, an essential quality for the success of the distant interventions that we systematically impose ourselves whatever the distance.

In a general way, and in order to be able to approach important and sometimes distant projects under the best conditions, Syntact Automation attaches great importance to the rigor, the work preparation quality, the preparation and the tracking of the project’s progress.

These work methods are generalized at all levels, including for simple applications.

In all cases, a complete and documented file is provided at the end of the service in order to facilitate the maintenance of the installation by the maintenance department.

The programs are generally tested by software simulation before delivery, which allows on the one hand to anticipate the operator trainig, on the other hand to minimize the often complex equipment downtime.

During the warranty period, the customer benefits from 24/7 customer service with quick remote control interventions. At the end of this warranty period, maintenance contracts 24H / 24 7J / 7 are proposed.


Structures that have remained light, an international dimension: The team of less than ten people has remained light but has a very technical character.

It includes globally:

  • three computer, electronical and mechanical engineers, responsible for case preparing and monitoring,
  • a team of technicians design office working on the conception of mechanical plans and electrical diagrams on CAC / CAD, programming means for PLC, process management computers and supervisors.


The offices of Syntact Automation in Chambray-lès-Tours, hosts the “automation and supervision” design office.

In the case of important projets, we do not hesitate to associate with external companies that act as partners, while generally maintaining the project management. This contribution makes it possible to significantly increase our potential.

SKILLS and experienceS

The skills and areas of activity

In addition to an excellent computer tool mastery, the entire team has in various fields of science – physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, thermics, optics …, a skill that allows it to address technical problems related even to the manufacturing processes or to the quality control. As an example, some studies that preceded significant achievements:

  • study of the dynamic evolution and in depth of the temperature of parts subjected to electromagnetic fields (microwaves, high frequency), or under infra-red effects.
  • automatic dimensional control of deformable pieces by video measurement.
  • piece flow management analysis in a robot supplied machine environment.
  • analysis and optimization of basin transfer time for cheese making …
  • position calculation by optical cameras and marking laser realigning.

Our experience in the industrial automation and “scientific” computing fiels then allows the real implementation of solutions, particularly in the following technologies:

  • CAD design, fabrication and installation of specific materials,
  • PID control systems (temperature, pressure, etc.),
  • positioning systems based on digital control,
  • robot installation, programming and implementation (integration of Staübli robots in particular),
  • vision systems with applications in infrared temperature measurement.
  • unit marking systems with reading and storage for traceability or antitrafic control.
  • reagent injection calculation into the cooling circuits of nuclear power plants,
  • cooling efficiencies calculation of nuclear power plants’ cooling towers,

Syntact Automation is also accredited as a training organization and may, under the terms of agreements, offer you interventions that can benefit from the legal provisions relating to continuing education. The topics covered are defined at the convention’s inception and may cover the aforementioned areas at a level dependent on the audience.


Independence from equipment manufacturers

Syntact Automation is not generally linked with any hardware manufacturer. It is therefore able to respond to all requests with the most suitable equipment.

We do not hesitate to bring our expertise in the choice of materials to implement. In any case, the supply of material is optional and we agree to work on either existing material or supplied by the client.

An international dimension

Over the past decade, more than 50% of our business is abroad and this proportion is growing.

Whether in America, China or Asia, South Africa, Australia, needs exist. They are sometimes expressed in different ways, but in all cases, only the listening qualities in the preliminary phases, the rigor in the realization and the reactivity during the start-up time allow to successfully carry out important installations.

After 25 years of existence of Syntact Automation, most of our achievements are still in operation and we are able to maintain them.