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Design of an automatic production line in Indre-et-Loire

Syntact-Automation is the contact you need for the design of an automatic production line in Indre-et-Loire.

Automatic production line design: Syntact automation offers the following services
Study and programming of programmable controllers

  • Studies of regulation and control systems
  • Study of measurement and control systems
  • Supervision, IT, liaison with standard and ERP software
  • On-site implementation, technical assistance
  • Remote support and maintenance

Since no software on the market can cover the needs expressed by our customers, we have developed a range of software that is compatible with each other and capable of interacting with both programmable controllers and large ERP management software. The boundary of our services is the limit reached by the ERP if it is pre-existing.

Our software is built as a set of bricks or modules that we assemble if they have a use. In each of our interventions, we work in a real optimization approach. In addition, if a function is well provided in external software, we strive to preserve and strengthen it.

Conception ligne de production automatique Indre-et-Loire

So don’t wait any longer and call us for the design of your automatic production line in Indre et Loire and throughout France!

We are available by telephone on 02 47 25 84 67 or by email using the contact form available on our site. To do this, click on the contact page and fill out our form with your request!

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