The history of our company

1994: The creation

The activity is mainly oriented towards the generation of programs and assistance with the commissioning of equipment controlled by programmable logic controllers.

1996: Development

Orientation of the activity towards supervision and production management in addition to automation programming.

Implementation of a policy of specialization in particular industrial branches, with in-depth studies of the processes implemented.

Setting up 24-hour after-sales service. Equipment of the design office with efficient CAD resources.

Establishment of a partnership policy with other service providers with a view to offering complete solutions.

1999: Export

Opening up abroad

Establishment of an organization intended to promote the quality of services provided, including the systematic appointment of a project manager for each project.

For the 1999/2000 financial year, the share of equipment intended for foreign countries was around 15%.

Since the 2000/2001 financial years, the share of equipment or programs intended abroad has exceeded 50%.

2000s: Consolidation

Strategy resolutely focused on establishing partnerships with our customers.

Development of our CAPM software with data extraction and analysis tools.

Opening and communicating with different ERP systems.

Implementation of efficient and secure remote maintenance systems through takeovers.

Our services are increasingly accompanied by a notion of advice.

2010: Complete solutions from ERP to production tools

With numerous partnerships with our customers and suppliers, we build new ones every day.

Constant improvement of the production management and monitoring tool (MES).

Development of communication interfaces with ERPs

Development of a complete production tool from the ERP to the machine: bi-directional communication. This is the end of multiple entry.

Since 2010, Sébastien LEMETTRE has gradually taken over the management and activities of the SYNTACT AUTOMATION group in order to guarantee continuous and quality service to its customers.