Management and planning reporting

In addition to our supervision and automation applications, we can provide a complete plant monitoring solution, our MES.

This is our planning module. Capable of managing several sites broken down into an infinite number of production lines. Management of materials, formulas, storage locations, production flows with monitoring of OFs.

OFs can be imported from the ERP. After manufacturing and validation of the OFs, export to the ERP of production and consumption of raw materials and resources (machine and operator hours).

Ability to manage forecasting, local stocks of raw materials and calculate production needs.

Latest addition to the Syntact Automation software suite: Galileo, which includes the management of:

  • Raw materials
  • Products
  • Formulas
  • Control specifications
  • Associated documentary bases
  • SDS management.
  • Workflow monitoring.
  • Valorization of formulas.
  • Total monitoring and comparison of theoretical laboratory formulas and derived production formulas.

More particularly, raw materials, products, formulas constitute the basis of useful information for the production of dosed formulas or processes. The entry can be done directly on the PC supervisions if you do not opt ​​for the implementation of an MES, in the MES with automatic synchronization between machines if an MES is deployed, or directly imported via an interface with an MES third party or an existing ERP.

The choice of structure and configuration data flows is also a subject to be planned upstream of the automation of a production line or machine in order to be able to follow system developments downstream without having to call everything into question .

This is an architectural step that should not be neglected and for which we provide support during the realization of projects.