We develop supervision applications on the one hand with commercial software, such as InTouch, PC Vue, Vijeo Designer, Vijeo Look, Vijeo Citect.

On the other hand, we design supervisors in Delphi, which, associated with our Polycom software, allow very high performance in connection with databases.

This with the power and speed of development of a RAD language.
Innovative integrated diagnostic support system.

This is why we also design supervisors using Delphi, which, combined with our Polycom software for provisioning and writing to PLCs, allows very high performance in conjunction with the machines.

Developing under a general IDE allows the use of databases and more generally all the tools available on a PC, without limitations in interfaces or exchanges with systems. We produce very lightweight software whose installation is quick and simple for which development times are lower.

In all cases we are very keen to make available all the information useful for operating the installation and, as far as possible, to make as much detail as possible accessible for maintenance.