Budget management

Budget Management Module. It allows:

  • Formulae valuation with automatic calculation of mixed colors
  • Valuation according to last known price method and weighted average price.
  • Monthly budget generation, based on the simulation of index developments for commodity prices and seasonal profiles.
  • Comparative budget / realized with multi-axis analysis.

Example: the management control module of Galileo

Our MES, possessing by nature

  • manufacturing formulas
  • manufacturing histories
  • manufacturing forecasts

is able to carry out simulations in terms of MP budget:

  • valuation of formulas with automatic calculation of shade mixes, or more generally of formula variability
  • valuation using last known price and weighted average price methods.
  • construction of monthly budgets based on simulations based on changes in indices for raw material prices and seasonal profiles.
  • budget/achieved comparisons with multi-axis analysis.

Finally and more generally, by providing the costs of raw materials and the CO2/T or CO2/u allows:

  • for R&D to optimize its formulations by directly visualizing the cost and CO2 impact
  • for forecasters to anticipate the costs linked to PM, but also the CO2 impact
  • for financiers to check the consistency throughout the manufacturing process of these two elements

Once again, all data being stored on an SQL database, each user can also generate their reports via third-party tools.