Analysis tools

The objective of the MES is not only to monitor production and exchange information with ERPs, it must make it possible to produce better and in better conditions through optimization.

OEE unit designed by Syntact. It allows :

  • Automatic stop detection
  • Stop analysis tool
  • OEE calculation from open time and maximum production rates per line / product
  • Automatic bottleneck detection of production lines

    Defect analysis

    Each automatic production line reports defects via its automation and supervision.

    Their number of occurrences, the average processing time, the total fault duration are key elements to help eliminate irritants for operators, or even anticipate future breakdowns, or more simply limit the underperformance caused by tired actuators. .

    Capability Analysis

    Dosing systems record the target, tolerance, final actual value, and many other parameters and measurements that may relate to dosing accuracy with each batch.

    Our MES has a statistical tool for analyzing these dosages according to the materials dosed, the dosing points, the quantities dosed, etc. which makes it possible to obtain for each pair of dosing point / material dosed the precision of dosage achievable. Based on history, this helps R&D make choices when developing the formulas or processes to apply.

    OEE analysis (OEE)

    This indicator is naturally calculated using all the information collected during production on the lines. Its evolution makes it possible to evaluate, among other things, the relevance of the choices and solutions found.

    Analysis of stops

    Each stop detected on the lines can, following customer request, generate a request to enter the cause of stoppage from a predetermined list, completed if necessary with a comment. The objective is to categorize each significant shutdown and to deduce investment or preventive maintenance choices, for example.

    This can also go in other directions depending on the results of the analysis, which can show material shortages, gaps in breaks versus open times, organizational issues, etc.

    Bottleneck analysis

    Production lines operating on the batch principle executed in parallel by different tools and linking different products can be difficult to analyze when it comes to finding the bottleneck of the line depending on the product. Our analysis tool targets the productions to be analyzed and highlights this bottleneck, the distribution of time, with the aim of finding:

    • obvious and sometimes free possibilities for improvement
    • to avoid investments in tools which are ultimately not bottlenecks, or only for a few marginal productions
    • to target investments to improve mainly bottleneck tools

    etc… the list of tools evolves according to requests and needs, we are always interested in development when it allows an improvement or optimization of the production tool!